The RailSIMtechin the beautiful city of Birmingham is the only business meeting in the world for the rail industry with a full focus on simulators. It will bring together those who are involved with simulation technology for training personnel, operations, planing , safety, design and anyone with an interest in Rail simulation who develop or use technology simulation tools on the rail industry.

The latest technologies, projects, codes, 3D modelling visualisation, VR immersive scenarios, strategies and focus points for the present and future of the industry will be presented and demonstrated by an excellent speaker line-up. This event will give an excellent opportunity for networking, benchmarking and business development with industry peers, technology developers and regulators.We are really looking forward to meeting you in Birmingham!


Check out highlights from our 1st edition in Amsterdam!

Looking forward to meeting you in Birmingham


Top Industry Leading Speakers sharing unique information and experience through a two day exclusive stream of presentations for you to take strategic insights back to your company.



A selected group of delegates will enjoy an exclusive tour/visit to a brand new technology state of the art facility for a full day of interactive sessions and simulators interaction.




Unique Panel Discussions and Presentations to provide you with the answers to overcome your future plans and challenges. Presentations material will be shared for after/internal review.


The must go event of the year!

[ keynote presentations - tech tour -  exhibition ]
21st - 22nd - 23rd November 2018

Birmingham - UK 



Technology Exhibiting Area demonstrating the latest developments in Simulation Technologies applications and Training services. Witness technology from first hand.



How Simulation Technology is impacting Drivers Training - Operations - Safety developments in the rail industry. To be discussed through presentations, panel discussions and other interactive activities.



Networking and benchmarking opportunities from a selected group of Professionals eager to meet, share and network during the Forum.

Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education - BCRRE

Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education - BCRRE

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With over 130 academics, researchers and professional support staff, we deliver world class research and thought leadership within railways, and offer an expanding portfolio of high-quality education programmes. Our close relationships with the rail industry mean that our research and teaching draws in real-world situations. By studying in depth what is happening across the world's railways, we prepare our graduates for the challenges of the future.
Our perspective is truly international and we collaborate closely with many overseas universities. We also welcome undergraduates and post-graduates from around the world to study and research with us, joining our 200+ student population. We’re excited by the transformational power of railways. We believe that rail has a vital role in creating the world of tomorrow and are developing the people to lead it.

GTR - Govia Thameslink Railway

GTR - Govia Thameslink Railway

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GTR is a brand new train operating company, made up of a family of trusted local brands. From 2015, 22{ba7b15b7329337b0ae206a05028d181b084c81bad61cc8810238d34a09775d46} of all passenger rail journeys in the UK will be run by us. We’re investing heavily in the infrastructure and technology on our lines, so we can deliver more. More trains, more seats, more services, more routes, more station improvements, more platforms with WiFi and more information. Above all, we want to give our customers and our people more say – to help us create a better rail service for everyone.

From 2015, we’ll be running Gatwick Express, Great Northern, Southern and Thameslink services.

GTR is part of Govia – a partnership between two world-class transport operators – the Go-Ahead Group and Keolis.

TfL - London underground

TfL - London underground

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Virtually everyone who visits, lives or works in London will use one of our services and every one of those journeys matters to us.We are here to keep London working and growing, and to make life in the Capital better. But a rapidly growing population means achieving this goal is more challenging than ever.

Currently, 8.4 million people live in the Capital. This is expected to become 10 million in the 2030s. We must carry on supporting this growth if London’s success is to continue.

We also have to balance delivering our services with one of the biggest savings and efficiency programmes in the public sector. Our success depends on Government support through grants and borrowing, our fare payers, developing our commercial income and achieving our efficiency targets.


GWR – Great Western Railway

GWR – Great Western Railway

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GWR reaches from London in the east to Brighton and Gatwick in the south, Carmarthen, Pembroke Dock and Penzance in the west and Banbury, Hereford and Worcester in the north.It’s one of the UK’s largest and most complex rail networks, carrying 1.5 million passengers every week on 9,000 services, and calling at 276 stations. GWR is the only UK rail company to operate High Speed Inter-city, commuter, regional and sleeper services.

In short, we keep the west moving. For as long as FirstGroup is the custodians of GWR, we will work tirelessly to make sure the west runs faster, smoother and more efficiently. And we’ll keep striving to Build a Greater West.


NTAR - National Training Academy for Rail

NTAR - National Training Academy for Rail

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“All change” is a phrase that every rail passenger is used to hearing. But it’s now a phrase that has special resonance throughout the UK rail industry, as the move toward the ‘Digital Railway’ of the future gathers pace – just at the time when many of the industry’s workforce are approaching retirement age.
Both government and industry alike recognise that this combination of technological and demographic pressure needs a very clear strategy. Only by addressing training and recruitment needs now can we ensure that the UK can draw upon a highly-skilled talent pool in rail engineering – and create a truly world-leading 21st century rail network.
With immediate needs on the timetable too, such as expansion of the workforce to maintain new fleets, the response to the challenge has been a unique and ambitious public/private partnership between government agencies and private enterprise: the National Training Academy for Rail (NTAR).



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Every year, SBB transports 366 million passengers. Its 3024 route kilometres make up a high proportion of Switzerland’s 5124-km rail network.

With the exception of Herisau and Appenzell, all of Switzerland’s cantonal capitals are on the SBB network. 794 stations have hourly or half-hourly train services. Two-thirds of all freight passing through the Swiss Alps goes by train. SBB Cargo transports 210,000 tonnes of freight by rail every day for its customers.

31,000 railway employees work round the clock to keep trains running safely and punctually. So SBB isn’t just the largest travel and transport company in Switzerland, it’s also one of the biggest employers


... - invited & confirmed companies includes - among many others!
Czech Railways (CD)

Czech Railways (CD)

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Czech Railways (CD) is the largest national rail operator in the Czech Republic with a tradition of more than 175 years.

We provide passenger transport on a 9,500 km rail network. Each day we dispatch more than 7,000 passenger trains of various categories. According to the 2009/2010 timetable, the average daily number of connections is 7,654, of which 107 are category SC, EC, IC, EN or Ex, trains; 429 are fast trains, 222 are limited-stop trains and 6,305 are local trains. Taken together, our trains travel a total of 125,211,903 km per year. The Czech Republic’s rail network, with its 2,500 stations and stops, is one of the densest in Europe. The significance of our company is also attested to by the fact that residents of the Czech Republic travel on average 17 train journeys per capita per year, which is one of the highest ratios in Europe. CD has long ranked among the 10 most important European rail companies.


Hitachi Information Control Systems

Hitachi Information Control Systems

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Hitachi Information Control Systems Europe brings together many years of experience in delivery and support of simulation, control and traffic management systems.

In the U.K. our products form an essential part of Network Rail’s operational infrastructure, enabling safe and efficient performance via our TREsim training simulator and TREsa automated route setting systems.

To meet rail sector challenges, our team are driving industry-changing innovations in full lifecycle modelling and simulation, including automated data validation and design optimisation solutions.

We are now combining our products and experience with those of our parent company, Hitachi Limited, to deliver market leading information and control solutions such as the Tranista traffic management platform.

Transurb Simulation

Transurb Simulation


Since almost 15 years, Transurb Simulation delivers Rail Simulation and Advanced Training Solutions. Our range contains driving simulators providing different degrees of immersion and portability. Each of our simulators is equipped with the latest 3D computer-generated imagery so as to place the driver in a highly realistic simulation enviroment.




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People want to be able to move around without having to worry. Fast, safe, simple and at any time. NS wants to make this possible, and does not limit itself to just trains. NS has developed into a comprehensive service provider, enabling its customers to blend social, business and recreational goals seamlessly. This is done by making the journey from door to door comfortable, accessible and efficient and by giving the customer the opportunity to choose ‘smart’ travel options based on the most recent information.

Leading Research in advanced technology platforms for smart city applications, collaborative engineering, multi-agency collaboration environments, serious game applications, interactive learning and training environments and community spaces.



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ProRail is a government task organisation that takes care of maintenance and extensions of the national
railway network infrastructure (not the metro or tram), of allocating rail capacity, and of traffic control.
Prorail is a part of NS Railinfratrust, the Dutch railway infrastructure owner.


Network Rail owns, operates and develops Britain’s railway – the 20,000 miles of track, 40,000 bridges, tunnels and viaducts and the thousands of signals, level crossings and stations. The 18 largest stations are run by the company itself, while all the others, over 2,500, are run by one of the country’s train operating companies.

Virgin Trains East Coast

Virgin Trains East Coast

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Hello, we’re Virgin Trains. We’re on a mission to make every second you spend with us awesome. If you’re travelling for work, we’re the business. Want a weekend away with family or friends? We’ll take you and the gang to some of the UK’s most iconic destinations, and we’ll take you there in style.

Our lovely staff make train travel something you actually look forward to; helping you to arrive relaxed, refreshed (with our own, specially-brewed beer and cider) and ready for action.

It’s time for a revolution on rails.




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Adif, the Administrator of Railway Infrastructures, is a state-owned company that answers to the Ministerio de Fomento. Adif plays a leading role in promoting the railway sector, working towards converting it into the ideal mode of transport and facilitating access to the infrastructure under fair conditions.

DLR - German Aerospace Center

DLR - German Aerospace Center

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DLR is the national aeronautics and space research centre of the Federal Republic of Germany. Its extensive research and development work in aeronautics, space, energy, transport and security is integrated into national and international cooperative ventures. In addition to its own research, as Germany’s space agency, DLR has been given responsibility by the federal government for the planning and implementation of the German space programme. DLR is also the umbrella organisation for the nation’s largest project management agency.

TUDelft – Transport and Planing

TUDelft – Transport and Planing

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How we can solve congestion? Why can’t we just build more roads and railways? The section Transport & Planning at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences conducts scientific research and provides education about the planning and operation of transport systems.

We provide transport and planning courses in the Bachelor programme Civil Engineering, we offer a Transport & Planning tracking the MSc programmes Civil Engineering and Transport Infrastructure and Logistics.For post graduates we offer PhD positions and training in cooperation with the research school TRAIL and different post academic training in cooperation with the research school TRAIL and different post academic training courses in cooperation with PAO


South West Trains

South West Trains

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Stagecoach South Western incorporates the South West Trains and Island Line networks. South West Trains are the largest Train Operating Company in the UK serving a mixture of commuters and leisure travellers.
We operate over 1,600 trains a day on a network in the South and South West England and run routes through Hampshire, Surrey, Dorset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Devon, Somerset, and Greater London. Our vision is to give our customers the best service they have ever had.


Thales Group - Ground Transportation

Thales Group - Ground Transportation

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Together. Safer. Everywhere. Whenever critical decisions need to be made, Thales has a role to play. In all the markets we serve – defence, security, space, aerospace and ground transportation – our understanding of the Critical Decision Chain helps customers to decide and act in a timely fashion and obtain the best outcomes.
World-class technologies and the combined expertise of 62,000 employees in 56 locally based country operations make Thales a key player in assuring the security of citizens, infrastructure and nations.
As a pioneer in transportation technology, we are one of the world’s top suppliers of systems, solutions, equipment and services for mobility on railways, roads and public networks.

CITEF - Railway Technology Research Centre

CITEF - Railway Technology Research Centre

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CITEF (Railway Technology Research Centre) was created in 1997 as part of F2I2 (the Foundation for the Development of Industrial Innovation) for research, innovation, experimentation, study and teaching purposes within the railway knowledge area. It is a non-profit organisation pursuing aims of general interest within any rail transport technology sector.

CITEF is a worldwide benchmark in the development and use of advanced models and algorithms that efficiently simulate rail systems.


3D Visual Simulations

3D Visual Simulations

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Our customers work in rapidly changing environments where the way employees interface with technology is rapidly moving towards touch-screen mobile devices. The expectation that operational and training data be available at the point of need is fast becoming the norm.



RailSIMtech will showcase the latest developments, best practices, benefits and solutions in Training & Operations Planing when using Simulation  on a three day forum [ keynotes - exhibition - tour ] – 21st - 22nd - ( 23rd tour ) November 2018– where attendees will hear cutting edge presentations from experts representing the Rail Industry, Simulation Technology developers, Training & Development Institutes, Research Institutes and Universities. The Forum will go through the following topics:
    University of Birmingham - B15 2RS UK

  • Nov 21st - 22nd - 23rd 2017
    08:30 am - 05:00pm

  • Technical visits
    Share with your peers

08:30 - 09.15 Welcome to RailSIMtech - Rail Simulation Technology Forum

Morning coffee and registration exhibiting area

09.15 – 09.30

Opening remarks from our Chairman



The origins of our use of technology: why we deployed it. What are the scenarios in which we have used simulation and what benefits does it deliver. What types of technology do we use and what we are looking at next
10.00 - 10.30 BCRRE - University of Birmingham - Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education


Psychological methodology for exploring the statistical link between a rail employee’s performance on a rail simulator and subsequent performance on the job. Education and methodology can be used by 1. rail organisations to refine and improve their use of simulation and 2. simulator manufacturers to demonstrate a competitive advantage.
10.30 – 11.00 ... ENJOY!

Coffee, SIM technology exhibition and networking sessions

11.00 - 11.30 SNCF

Use and applications for TRAM compact simulators and a blended learning approach

This will cover the introduction of new compact simulators to and how we will use them in initial training and a blended approach to training.
11.30 – 12.00 SYDAC

New Simulation technology to support a training model in projects and the design and use of simulators for TRAM

12.00 – 12.30 SJ - Magnus Svärdhult - Lars Broddén

SJ Railways Sweden: Blended learning and how SJ integrate simulation in education?

How e-Learning, 360/VR, train simulator and verification works in practice.
12.30 – 14.00 ... ENJOY!

Networking Lunch

14.00 – 14.30 Paul Williamson - Smart Simulation & Simon Rennie - NTAR

Supporting UK Rail Driver Apprenticeships with shared simulator facilities

In the UK’s highly fragmented rail industry there are few shared simulator resources available to support training new Drivers. NTAR are launching a trial facility to provide relevant simulation training and assessment to support the UK’s urgent need for new Train Drivers.
14.30 – 15.00 Tim Wells - GTR

New Simulator Project Management from concept to installation.

Now that the simulators are installed, what worked well and what pitfalls were encountered during the project. What would be done differently and how success was achieved.
15.00 – 15.30 ... ENJOY!

Coffee, SIM Technology exhibition and networking sessions

15.30 – 16.00 Friso Westerhuis - NS PRORAIL

Towards a simulation architecture for collaboration, learning, testing and experiments for train controllers.

Towards a simulation architecture for collaboration, learning, testing and experiments for train controllers. -Using the concept of Live Virtual and Constructive simulators we developed a simulation architecture based on a combination of the operational software systems and when needed simulated systems. -We will show how we can use different combinations of Live and Virtual systems for different purposes. -We will show how we can use this to train new train controller, how to train new situations to existing train controllers and how to explore new concepts. -We will discuss implications for large scale gaming and ERTMS-simulations.
16.00 - 16.30 Marie Pezé - CORYS

UK and International train simulator case studies.

As a leading supplier of train simulators, this presentation will present some of the current UK and international trends in driver training simulators through the use of customer case studies
16.30 - 17.10 Tony Mildred - OKTAL - SYDAC

The case for integrated, network level train + signalling simulation

a. Aim is to develop a more joined-up railway by getting signallers and drivers to work together to solve major disruption b. Being deployed now in Asia - Example of Beijing Metro c. Why not in Europe ?

Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

a. What is VR? And AR? b. What’s the difference? c. Where is the training value? d. Try for yourself some pilot offering

We will end the day with a special networking session in the exhibition area. This agenda will be subject to changes

08.30 – 09.15 Welcome to RailSIMtech 2nd day!

Morning coffee and registration exhibiting area

09.15 – 09.30

Opening remarks from our Chairman

09.30 – 10.00 GTR - John Tomlin

Preparing for the future - The use of Simulation and emerging technologies

Will advances in technology affect the way we use simulation and blended training solutions


10.30 – 11.00 ... ENJOY!

Coffee, SIM technology exhibition and networking sessions

11.00 – 11.30 Salford University - Network Rail

4D Simulation Simulation applications on the rail industry

By combining Time & Distance Planning with a realistic visual simulations of engineering projects, our team has produced an railway-engineers' planning tool for the 21st century. Learn how we are applying BIM technologies to save the industry time and money, improve safety, and prevent over-run and delay.


Introduction to BCRRE simulation research - Railway traffic management simulation and optimisation - Railway system design simulation and optimisation - Railway traction energy usage simulation and optimisation
12.00 – 12.30 Paul Williamson - Smart Simulation

Innovations in Simulator Technology - making bigger better?

At a time when we seem to be moving away from physical simulators, we take a look at recent developments in Simulator hardware technology that might spark some new ideas for users of Simulators.
12.30 – 14.00

Networking Lunch

14.00 – 16.00 BCRRE - University of Birmingham - Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education

Technical visit to the BCRRE labs


End of the Forum

10.00 - 13.30 Technical Tour
Exclusive visit to the state of the art NTAR - facilities. 10.15 - 10.30 We will meet at the Edgbaston Park Hotel - University of Birmingham 10.30 - 13.00 We will be going through different scenarios and state of the art classrooms at the facilities.





The most flexible, comprehensive and effective training simulator solutions for Rail and Heavy Machinery
High Fidelity Training Simulators.We work with the Project & Training Directors of Heavy Equipment OEMs and Operators to deliver SMART training simulator solutions. Our clients come to us for fast and cost-effective projects that give the greatest improvements in safety and skills; and the best expertise, value & flexibility.

 & exhibitors ...


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CORYS is the most experienced manufacturer of driving simulators for rail vehicles in the world (freight, high speed, main line passenger, LRV /tramway, metro, suburban/commuter) : our products represent the industry’s standard, consistently surpassing the most stringent regulatory requirements and providing operators with the most authentic training experience.

Our systems address the challenges faced by transport operators including improving efficiency and training for safety, traction conversion, rules and regulations, faults and failures, and economic driving.




Silver Sponsor

Oktal Sydac are a forward-thinking innovative training simulator company who have delivered over 700 simulators to customers across the globe. We make up part of the SOGECLAIR group, which has a global presence in several markets including aeronautics, simulation and mission vehicles. Through the strength of SOGECLAIR's positioning, values and know-how, Oktal Sydac has attracted a talented workforce to partner alongside our customers for the long term. Our commitment to our clients ensures the delivery of a customized solution which meets their exact needs. As part of the larger Sogeclair group of companies, Oktal Sydac's focus is directed on two main areas: Training simulators, which serve the current needs of the transport industry, and advanced capabilities within the R&D field. In fact, we have an extensive portfolio of experience and a demonstrated interest in researching and developing the future requirements of transportation globally. The investment we place in our R&D work utilizes 12{ba7b15b7329337b0ae206a05028d181b084c81bad61cc8810238d34a09775d46} of our annual turnover, and the dedication we have in providing innovative solutions now and into the future ensures our commitment in the field of R&D. Ensuring Oktal Sydac are a key player in not only rail, but the automotive, and aeronautic industries for years to come.


Official Venue: EDGBASTON PARKHOTEL - University of Birmingham

53 Edgbaston Park Road, Birmingham B15 2RS UK tel: +440121 414 8888
You know what you want from a conference venue. A convenient location, cutting-edge technology, flexible rooms for meetings and events, and, if you need accommodation, a comfortable place to stay.You’re in the right place. This is a conference centre in Birmingham, the heart of the West Midlands. Event venues here are only two miles from the city centre with enviable transport links, whether you’re arriving from Birmingham New Street station, Birmingham International airport or by car via the M42, M5 or M6. Once here, you and your delegates will enjoy state-of-the-art audio-visual technology, free WiFi, and stylish meeting rooms flooded with natural light. The conference centre in the modern hotel runs across two floors, with a variety of room configurations to accommodate groups from 12 to 250. At the end of the day, your guests can choose to relax and revive in the bar and 1900 Steakhouse Bar & Grill, before retiring to a comfortable bedroom just footsteps away. And you’ll find all this in a leafy conservation park, in a peaceful spot on the edge of the University of Birmingham campus.


Our company is world leader on business events organisation on different technology areas such as Simulation - Biotechnology for different set of industries including O&G - Nuclear Energy. Some of our delegates experience as follows:    

“ The forum gave me a professional input in how other actors conducting training and what they think about a best practice for simulator training and education. ”

Gazprom Int Training
Gazprom Int Training
Dir Training & Development

“Great time spent to meet latest technologies used for Operator Training, on both; the Control Room Operators with advance Operator Training Simulators and the Field Operators with Immersive Training Simulator”

Prod Manager COMOS

“It has been a unique opportunity to capture in 3 days the State of the Art of the Operator Training Systems (OTS) and Immersive Training Systems (ITS). Thanks for this opportunity and we are sure we will be back next year.”



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Here you will be able to find answers to some of the common doubts towards the Forum. If you can not find any specific information through the whole website please use the contact form and we will be back to you shortly.

What are the main topic/focus

Attendees can hear cutting edge presentations on: Simulation and Drivers Training Safety – Crew Emergency Simulation Simulation for Train Operations and Planing Railroad Network simulation Simulator Technology Updates Simulation and 3D Visualization Other Applications for rail Simulation Licensing & Regulation

Who will attend

The Forum will bring together those who are involved with simulators, training personnel, operation and planing support managers, safety and anyone with an interest in Rail simulators who develop or use simulation tools on the rail industry. This event will give an excellent opportunity for networking, benchmarking and business development with industry peers, contractors, vendors, suppliers and regulators.


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Our Events: Forthcoming


ESTEC - Energy Simulation Technology Exhibition & Conference will be held in Barcelona on the 30th - 31st May 2018



The ENPPS - European Nuclear Power Plant Simulation Forum will be held in Birmingham on the 3rd - 4th October 2018


The RailSIMtech - Rail Simulation Technology Forum will be held in Birmingham on the 21st - 22nd - 23rd November 2018



  • The Edgbaston Parkhotel - 53 Edgbaston Park Road, Birmingham B15 2RS United Kingdom |

  • 21st - 22nd - 23rd Nov 2018 - 08.30 / 17.o0


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